KLUG made another appearance at the “All Star Lego Show”, Feb 15th and 16th, at the Abby Resort in Fontana, WI.  This is the second year for the show and it looks like it may become an annual event.  2015’s show is already in the works.  Attendance was steady both days and we surpassed last year’s attendance of 2000 people!

     The show was a collaboration between two Lugs:  Northern Illinois Lego Trans Club (NILTC), and KLUG.  Each Lug brought in unique and creative builds.  The largest by far was the mid-evil display by Dale from NILTC.  The sheer size and density of the display was matched only by the creative storey line offered on the sides of the tables.  Event organizer Brian Williams of NILTC had his Area-51 on display.  There were a great number of TV and Movie cars scattered about.  The best of which, in my opinion, was the RV from the movie Stripes.

     KLUG’s contribution to the show was a mixture of old and new.  Our “Trolley Town” Kenosha replica made its usual appearance.  This year’s version wasn't short on size, but was put together by only one member, John, and included many Kenosha landmarks.  His contribution to this display has grown immensely, and the trolley logged a whopping 7 miles over the two day show!!!  Yes, that is real miles, not scale!!  John also brought his Saturn V rocket.  If you made it to last year’s show you’ll remember it towering over all the other displays.  This year it sets atop an 8 foot high crawler and launch tower.  If that wasn’t enough, just ask John if it moves.  He’ll be glad to show you how the 50 pound rocket glides across the floor without even a wiggle.  Stephan brought his trains to run the main table and had a floating rock temple looking over his city scape.  It is always a pleasure to watch the custom and official trains making lap after joyfull lap.  New to the show this year was a huge Harry Potter display put together by Eric.  It was first shown at our show in West Bend, WI last November and continues to inspire and awe the crowds.  Mixed in with tons of official sets is the custom built Quittage Pitch and Hogwart's Express.  The last side of the main table was consumed by a motorized Amusement Park.  I felt honored to have front row display space and hoped the Zipper, Bumper Cars, and other moving rides would draw the crowds in.

     There was a lot more to do then just ogle all the great Lego creations.  The Abby had a host of Lego themed events during the weekend.  There were Lego scavenger hunts and a “Seek-n-find” for the displays.  Both could earn eager young guests fabulous prizes.  Karl from NILTC was on hand for the building seminars.  These seminars taught young builders building styles, scales, and techniques.  After a guided tour of the displays, pointing out some of the lessons discussed earlier, kids and adults alike were invited to build their own creations for display.  Also new this year was a crawler track put together by KLUG member Eric.  Here kids could run one of two remote controlled Lego rock crawling trucks over a series of obstacles.  It would test both the driver’s skill, and the integrity and strength of the Lego bricks and beams used to make the sturdy trucks.  Kids as young as three were making runs down the course at a steady pace for the entire two day show.  Even an accidental drive off a 5 foot high mantle couldn’t slow down the action.  (Sorry about that Eric.)

     We look forward to Feburary and seeing you at the next All Star Lego Show.