The 2016 Bay Beach show on July 16th and 17th was a huge hit.  The aisles were packed with viewers throughout the day rivaling the density of people we see at our largest event, Brick World, held in Chicago. Crowd

Facebook activity was robust with over 4000 people interested in the event from people throughout northeast Wisconsin including Door County to the north, Steven’s Point to the west and Sheboygan from the south.

Over 100 people participated in build contests on Saturday and a similar number in the Minecraft building contest on Sunday.  Judging for the Open event was particularly difficult due to the number and quality of entries.  

IMG 3344

KLUG featured displays from 13 different builders with a wide variety of styles and sizes from a huge amusement park by Erik Kreuser to a replica of the Bay Beach Pavillion by Scott Vandeleest. 


The amusement park featured a new tower ride from builder John Wolfe.  John’s additions to Erik’s amusement park created a 40 foot long display—perfect for a show at an amusement park! 


Among stalwart KLUG displays like Harry Potter by Eric Krans , Rockets by John Wolfe and the “show in a box” lego city by Geoffrey Markus, we also had a large sailing ship display by Karl “Duke” Schunke and a Classic Space display by Duncan DuClos.  



John’s Star Wars disco also proved to be a hit with the Star Wars 501st members in attendance.  


Rounding out the other builders we had a lenticular Mosaic of Jennifer Lawrence/Mystique from Jennifer Vandeleest, a Japanese Castle from Dave Schneider, Rich Leo with Monorail and Medieval building, Emily Krans with her art and building displays and Eli with his Airship Mocs.  


Thanks to all the KLUG members for participating.  We are looking forward to an even bigger show next year.

Bay Beach Lego amusement Park

The Kenosha Lego Users Group in conjunction with Green Bay City Parks is holding a Lego Event at the Bay Beach Pavillion on July 16th and 17th from 10am to approximately 6pm each day.  This is a free event where attendees will be able to see 800 square feet of lego displays including a 40 foot long working amusement park, a huge Harry Potter display, a 7 foot tall Saturn V rocket, and even a replica of the Bay Beach Pavillion.  We will have a play area for the kids where they can build with Lego and the Parks department will be holding several competitions on Saturday where kids can win Lego as prizes.  The Star Wars 501st will also be visiting with attendees in costume.

The event is free, but the contests require an onsite registration and nominal fee.  Lego prizes will be awarded for the contests.  Visit www.greenbaywi.org/parks for more information.



KLUG roared into their summer show season with a return to Uke’s Harley Davidson.  This is our second year partnering with Uke’s and we have expanded to two full show days.  There was plenty of black and orange on hand not only on the bikes, but on the new KLUG members in attendance.

Several new creations were on display from new and old members.  The largest of which was a custom minifig scale city layout by new member Duncan.  The tall buildings, white street lights, and palm trees gave the display a Miami feel.  The city scene was dominated by the Classic Space Headquarters building.  This is the place where minifigs plan their adventure and reach for the stars.  Behind the building was a taste of classic space itself with several sets dating back as far as 1979!!  Now that is some old LEGO.

 Another addition to the show was a 1/60th scale Delta IV Heavy Rocket and Shuttle Orbiter complete with booster rockets and solid fuel tank.  These join John’s already impressive rocket park which includes the huge 8 foot tall Saturn V rocket and mobile launch pad.  That’s right, mobile.  You have to see this thing move to believe it.

 Of course all your favorite KLUG staples were on display.  The Harry Potter Experience has upgraded its Quidditch Pitch.  Now you can watch Harry and the gang fly, dive, and weave their way around while trying to keep those pesky Slytherin cheaters in place.  Stephen was running trains to the delight of fans and included his valley for kid level views.  Here the goats had to tread carefully as there were several hungry dragons about.  The Amusement Park has grown thanks to additional involvement from the club and look for this to grow as more members add to it.  Also look for Geoffrey’s patented Show In s Box (SIAB) to grow as well.  A new module is in the works and should be coming to a KLUG show soon.  There were several more creations on hand, but are just too numerous to list here.

We would like to thank Uke’s Harley Davidson for hosting us.  We would also like to thank them for expanding the show to two days.  One day of Lego is fun, but two is always better.  Look for KLUG to make a pit stop at Uke’s again in 2017.

You can find more pics from this and other shows HERE



School is still in session and KLUG is striving to be at the head of the class.  We spent a Friday at EBSOLA and fun was the subject of the day.  Don’t worry parents; we snuck in some learning too.  This was by far the most interactive show KLUG has done to date.

The heart of the show was Lego’s Mindstorms robots provided by KTEC’s First Lego League.  These young engineers and programmers were eager to share how they fabricate a robot to do a multitude of tasks all using Lego bricks.

Guest could race their friends on the KLUG pine-brick derby track.  With 4 lanes and a huge pile of bricks to choose from, the racing was fast and furious.   If you didn’t want to live in the fast lane, then the Lego Crawler 4x4 track was more your speed.  Here guests could test their skills driving a monster truck over logs, rocks, and cars.  There was also Chima Speeder races, pull-back car races, and Ninjago spinner battles.

The show wasn’t all play.  You could see Kenosha’s trollies making trips past popular city sites.  Star Wars was well represented with a multitude of official sets.  Not only could you see how Lego Star Wars has evolved over its 11 year run, but you could have your picture taken with Bobba Fett!  A special thanks to the 501st Legion for making an appearance.

All in all we had a blast.  The kids toured the show in shifts during school hours.  Later that day they returned with parents and loved ones to enjoy a Lego filled day.  We gave away tons of prizes and created tons of smiles.  More than 1200 people came out to see us.  Now that’s what I call a fun day at school.