Cedar Ridge was kind enough to host us once again and it was a record setting year.  The main displays were at their largest to date.  The play brick area is new and improved.  Their were tons of new displays ranging from mosaics, paintings, spaceships, and a Great Ball Contraption module.


     Geoffrey has expanded his Show in a Box to include a new area, "the other side of the tracks".  Stephen had his largest train yard to date and even an elevated train.  Eric has expanded his Harry Potter Experience to 7 tables worth and now includes almost all Harry Potter sets offered by Lego!  The Amusement Park did not get longer, but did grow deeper with a new boulevard in front of the park.

      KLUG will be taking 2016 off to regroup and rebuild.  We will be back in 2017 for an expanded 2 day show around Grandparent's Day.

The first KLUG Bay Beach show was a great success.  Bay_Beach_Lego.jpg

Bay Beach reported it was one of there largest grossing days of the year despite the heat! The following link has TV Coverage of the show.


Erik's working amusement park was a big hit to have at an actual amusement park.Erik_Amusement_Park.jpg

We gave out tons of prizes for the competitions that Green Bay Parks ran for the kids.kids_competition_1.jpgkids_competition_2.jpg

Chris our fearless president braved a discussion with a bouty hunter from the 501st!Chris_and_501st.jpg

Next year we are planning a 2 day show on July 16, and 17th, so mark your calendars for next year!

At Brickworld Chicago this year, the Beyond The Brick team interviewed KLUG Vice President Jameson Gagnepain about his build of Frank Lloyd Wright's "Wingspread". Check out the interview here, and don't forget to visit BuildingWingspread.com for more information about the build.